Bulk cargo innovation

Independent Stevedoring has introduced a number of innovations for the handling of bulk cargoes.

The most important was the introduction of motorised grabs of 14m3 capacity.  These units are almost totally enclosed to prevent any strong wind negatively affecting the discharge performance.

A specialised over-sized bucket for a mechanical digger is tremendously beneficial in speeding up the process of clean-out.  Our on-site "spillage kits" provide the tools of the trade - such as brooms, shovels and power brooms - are all ready to go at the ship's side.

Sweeper Trial Pumise15.03.04 009.jpgA wide motorised sweeping brush attachment (shown attached to one of ISL's fork hoists) has been favourably received by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, with an inspector commenting on how effective it was on a damp or wet surface.

The pro-active attitude of our staff enables Independent Stevedoring to find simple but effective solutions to enhance our operations.